Eagle Ops


When we first began our business, we did so with a vision of creating a company that would provide excellent service to our customers and also provides a living for our family. However, we also wanted our business to go beyond that, we wanted it to have an impact in the community and serve a higher purpose. We wanted to provide a company that our employees would be proud to work for and motivate them to help us in proactively making a difference in something greater than ourselves. Thus, the idea of creating a company outreach program was born. With Johnathon’s background in the United States Marine Corps, we obviously have a heart for all of our service members and veterans. We decided we would use that passion and focus on giving back to those who have volunteered and sacrificed for the luxuries and freedoms that we cherish here in America.

And so Americom Technologies Group began our outreach program, passionately titled: EAGLE OPS.

EAGLE OPS is committed to finding reputable Non-Profit organizations that provide services and assistance to our service members, veterans, and their families. We are actively seeking out ways to help them achieve their goals thru volunteering projects, event participation, fundraising, and donations. EAGLE OPS looks for both local and national organizations that are making a difference in the lives of our veterans. We will be diligent in our research and in making sure that the organizations to which we commit our time and energy, are also committed to the betterment our service members and veterans. With the joint effort and shared goals of our staff, family, and friends, we are confident that Americom Technologies Group’s EAGLE OPS will soar “One Operation at a Time!”

Visit our Website at www.EagleOps.info or www.EagleOps.org


Check out our Facebook page at – www.Facebook.com/EAGLE.OPS.ATG

If you have an organization, fundraiser or event you would like EAGLE OPS to consider, please e–mail us at  EagleOPS@AmericomTG.com

“No one can help EVERYONE,
but EVERYONE can help someone.”
– Ronald Regan

“We learned alongside one another, in teams where admired leadership built teamwork, where free men and women could change the world.”
General J. Mattis