Meet Our Veterans

Americom Technologies Group has a hire Veterans first policy.  Americom is dedicated to providing our veterans with employment opportunities as we grow and hire for new positions.

SRA. Ag Brand
SrA AG Brand – Air Force
Veteran:  SrA. AG Brand Branch:  Air Force Years of Service / Rank:  November 19, 1986, to October 12, 1990 MOS:
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Sgt. Michael Todd – Army
VETERAN: Sgt. Michael Todd Branch: Army Reserve Years of Service / Rank: Sgt. UNITS: 1st Batallion, 377th Regt.
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SGT. Johnathon Shepherd – USMC
Veteran:  SGT. Johnathon Shepherd Branch:  USMC Years of Service / Rank:  November 16, 1997 – December 17,2002 – Sergeant MOS:
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SGT. Jerry Shepherd – USMC
Veteran:  SGT. Jerry Shepherd Branch:  USMC Years of Service / Rank:  05/28/1998 - 08/11/2009 Sergent MOS:  0311 Rifleman - 0933
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Every Friday Americom TG’s team members wear RED to Rember Everyone Deployed. We will wear RED until they all come home!