Americom TG is not only a valued vendor for Englobal but is also considered a member of our team. The customer service we receive is bar none greater than any vendor we have ever done business with.  The response time on any question we have whether it is regarding a $10.00 order or a $100,000.00 order is always prompt and specific.The Americom TG team is always available to me 24-7 and not only  provides excellent pricing; prompt and friendly customer service: but also strategic and affordable solutions when the inevitable problems arise in my fast paced solution critical world that we work in. Americom TG is a much appreciated and valued team member for Englobal Government Services and I am confident they will be for any company that chooses them to partner with.

Michael West Englobal Government Services Purchasing Manager

Americom has always gone above and beyond with our projects. We can always count on them to get the job done. Great company and great people!

Kevin Blackshere / Scott Rice